Saturday, July 21, 2012


The right state of mind to enter Ramadan with:
1. Be Grateful Allah has given you this opportunity again! Alhamdulilah!
2. Enter Ramadan with an innter state of Hayaa. Hayaa is shyness, shame, modesty, be inwardly drawn, realise we fall short but Allah is Most Generous and overlooks. The flipside of Pride is Hayaa, they have an equal and opposite reaction. When one is humble before Allah and has hayaa, Allah elevates their station, & vice versa. 
3. Be grateful Allah has made you from the nation of His Beloved Messenger. Rasulullah salallahualayhiwasalam said whoever experiences Ramadan and fasts it purely for the pleasure of Allah, they are forgiven for every sin previous, big, small, known, unknown, public, private! 
Go into Ramadan with this state of mind! Anticipating the fogiveness and reward!

Remember the 
First 10 days are Forgiveness
Middle 10 days are Mercy
Last 10 days are freedom from the Hellfire.

salam ramadhan :)

*copy paste from islamic reminders tumblr.

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